Appendix A—An introduction

This appendix is a series of essays that I feel are connected to this thesis in many ways, but that are not essential to read to understand the overall project.

The Shape of Text
About the value of considered thought in new spaces and technologies, avoid the mistakes of the internet’s early days.

A Joke About Typography and the Law (sort of)
About gatekeeping.

Communities, zines, and the value of design (sort of)
About the places that human-generated design might still have an impact after AI.

The Faults in Our Defaults
About our acceptance of the black boxes of tools.

The Case For Deeper Readings of the Arts and Crafts Writings and Theories
About the black box of our history as taught in most schools.

Printing/The value of strange printers in design
About embracing the limitations of our tools as an essential form of collaboration and communication.

Unreliable Narrators and the Histories of Graphic Design
About rethinking our histories, unsettling some key assumptions.