Infinite Art Bot #1
She was aware of the impact of such a decision, understood that her choice could and likely would alter her life for some time, and knew that she did not care because this thing was wrong, had always been wrong, and would never change, she would run afoul of these systems always and without fear.

Infinite Art Bot #2
She had run afoul of the systems that regulated such things.

Infinite Art Bot #3
She read the triolet loudly.

Infinite Art Bot #4
You will get better with time and practice, and ideally, you will keep learning, and you will develop into a good designer, and it will take some time, but it will not be harder than a week of shifts working in the service industry.

Infinite Art Bot #5
The ideas behind “getting up,” which is a large motivation in graffiti writing , are complicated.

Infinite Art Bot #6
Photography printed in high resolution with colors corrected to the most average of conditions, printed on smooth bright white paper is what we understand to be a real and honest representation of the thing that has been photographed.

Infinite Art Bot #6
Stories that challenge the dominant narratives, that ask us to question our firmly held beliefs, either personal or ideological, are easier to ignore than to face and attempt to answer or fold into our world and into our expansive narratives.

Infinite Art Bot #7
A clear understanding of why one of its principal architects, Jan Tschichold, abandoned the movement and its philosophies is almost never discussed.

Infinite Art Bot #8
The shelf is a chromatic mountain range; one color moves into the next as the heights and widths grow and dip in erratic waves and troughs.

Infinite Art Bot #9
Capitalism could not be changed, it was a scorpion asking for a ride on our frog backs across the river if we are stung and die whose fault is it really? We knew what capitalism was when we started.

Infinite Art Bot #10
The designer moves part of that story along, they usually don’t own that part of the story and will likely never be recognized as having been part of it.

Infinite Art Bot #11
The same person was shaping these things; it was planned and developed and produced by the same person that made the water red.

Infinite Art Bot #12
We have not discussed what it means to our theories and his-tories that these men writing about “truth” and “fitness of purpose” might have meant something very different then we have traditionally thought, and we have not traditionally thought much about it at all.

Infinite Art Bot

Instagram, attnGAN, RunwayML, Puppeteer, P5.JS, Node

A sentence that I had written for my writing semester with Natalia is chosen at random by a P5JS program. The sentence runs through a text-to-image model resulting in a small image-based visualization of that text (the scale of the black box and the amount of research and work that makes this work is genuinely massive in scope and scale, my interaction with it is akin to a raindrop in the ocean). The image and text are downloaded to a folder on my computer, which the program is pointed at to look for images to upload. Instagram doesn’t actually allow bots to run on the platform, so this process uses another program called Puppeteer that allows a program to launch an invisible version of Chrome (referred to as “headless”) that can be programmed to interact with websites. This version logs into Instagram and adds the image found in the designated folder as the image post, then adds the randomly selected text from my writing (the “prompt” for the AI generated image) and a series of pre-assigned tags, and then effectively hits “send.” If it all works, the Instagram account has a new post.