Christopher Swift

Christopher Swift is an Assistant Professor of Art & Design at Binghamton University, specializing in the intersection of graphic design with digital technologies. His research explores the dynamics of collaboration within creative processes, particularly through the lens of tools within our creative networks with a focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Over the past year, Swift has actively engaged the art and design communities with his innovative approaches. His project “Stop Making Sense,” which creatively employs cyanotype and digital projection, was exhibited at the MACAA Members Virtual Exhibition, earning second place recognition. This piece, along with other works, exemplifies his exploration of the intersections between traditional processes and contemporary digital tools.

Swift has shared his research and artistic insights at several prestigious venues and conferences, including MACAA, SECAC, the TRANSFORM 2023 Conference at Trier, Germany, the Gallery at Founders’ Hall in Connecticut, and KIND LAB. His works have also been featured in international exhibitions like Risorama 2024, emphasizing his commitment to expanding the boundaries of graphic arts through unique printmaking techniques.

Holding an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts, Swift’s professional and academic endeavors contribute significantly to the evolving landscape of graphic design. His work fosters a deeper understanding of the collaborative nature of creative work, blending technology and traditional artistry to enrich the broader discourse in art and design.